2020 Qualification Results

Thank you for participating in the 2020 Oklahoma Classic. Name highlighted yellow have qualified for the Head to Head shoot ups on Sunday, January 19th. Please see the schedule for ESTIMATED times, but we recommend you plan to show up … Read More

2019 Qualification Results

Thank you to everyone who shot a qualification score in the 2019 Oklahoma Classic! Names in RED have qualified for the shoot downs beginning Sunday, January 13 at 9am. Please check the schedule for estimated timing, but plan to arrive … Read More

2018 Oklahoma Classic Results

Championship Division Sylvester Cooper Chris Hacker Jeff Comstock Chad Hilburn Shawn Mcmichael Jeff Crooks Jack Simmons Chris Hammond Kolby Crooks Steve Wingo Todd Strasburger 306 (14) Antwon Cooper 304 (13) Ryan Thomason 304 (13) Matt Danner 300 (9) Aaron Glass 294 … Read More